A 32-year-old South Korean man from Seoul cut off his own penis because he did not want to have children.

A report in Star Online suggests that the incident took place near a train station in Seoul.

According to the report, after the man mutilated his own genitals, he was unable to bear the pain and had to seek the help of an officer at the station who summoned an ambulance.

The man has been hospitalised and his condition is reportedly stable.

The man told police that following a miserable childhood, he decided not to have children and hence chopped off his own penis.

The act of chopping off one's own penis is called autopeotomy.

Earlier this year in March, a man cut off his father's genitals, before chopping off his own in Malaysia.

Huffington Post reported that the 40-year-old man who worked as a mechanic was believed to have been "influenced by a false religious belief he picked up from the Internet."

The man cut off his 67-year-old father's penis claiming that he was trying to send in a spirit into his father's body, by making him cry. He also tried doing the same with his brother-in-law who managed to escape unharmed.

The men were rushed to a hospital following the incident where doctors were able to successfully reattach both penises.

In February 2012, a 26-year-old Chinese man cut his penis off with a fruit knife before jumping off a hotel balcony and committing suicide.

Another 20-year-old man from San Fransisco chopped his penis off with an X-Acto knife.

The reason behind the men performing autopeotomy in both cases remains unknown.