Australia police
REUTERS/David Gray


  • The 54-year-old man was pulled into the woodchipper while helping to clear trees.
  • He was working with two others when the incident happened.

A man has died after he fell into a woodchipper at a home in Queensland, Australia.

The gruesome incident happened when three men were clearing trees for a neighbour at 7.40pm on Sunday (November 12) at a property in Gympie. The 54-year-old victim was alone as the two others worked further down the road.

Paramedics attended at 8pm but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

"A group of men were clearing a driveway on a rural property with a large woodchipper," Queensland Police said.

"Unfortunately one of those persons has gone into the machine and has been fatally injured," Maryborough Forensics Inspector Steve Webb said.

"They are all friends and they were doing a favour for the lady that owns the property sadly."

Police say the circumstances surrounding his death are unclear and the incident will be referred to the state coroner.

Queensland Workplace Health and Safety are conducting a full review of scene including the machinery used by the workers.