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Iain Farrimond has been sentenced to six years prison time - representational image Reuters

A man from Dublin, aged 45, has been found guilty of raping his own mother on Mother's Day.

Judge Barry White said it was not often a jury had to encounter a trial as "distasteful and sordid" as this one.

The accused told the court that he had consensual sex with his mother. He was arrested two days later and told the police that his mother had encouraged him to have sex and that he was under the influence of alcohol.

On 2 March 2008, the 65-year-old woman returned home tired after a four-course lunch that included three bottles of wine. Her son came at around 11 pm and asked her to have a drink with him. Even though she refused, her son forced her to have a glass of vodka and dance with him. They danced to a Joe Dolan CD and, according to the victim, she then blacked out. When she regained conciousness her son was having sexual intercourse with her.

"When I realised what was happening I said leave me alone. I kept saying leave me alone," she told The Sun.

According to Ireland.com, defence counsel Giollaíosa Ó Lideadha SC put it to the woman that the combination of alcohol, medication and a "very complicated history between you and the accused" caused confusion in her mind.

The man was remanded in custody for sentencing on October 1 and ordered he be registered as a sex offender.