A man from Moradabad, India was declared dead by doctors but was found alive by a family member seven hours after he was put in the mortuary freezer.

The family of Srikesh Kumar thought he had died after he was hit by a speeding motorcycle. He was sent to the hospital last week on Thursday night, where doctors allegedly declared him deceased. It turned out that he was mistakenly declared dead when his sister-in-law saw him move.

According to The Sun, the 40-year-old electrician was placed in the mortuary freezer the following day while the hospital waited for his family to sign papers granting an autopsy. He was in the cold for nearly seven hours and when the family, along with a police team, arrived to sign the papers, his sister-in-law Madhu Bala noticed him moving.

In a video that has gone viral, she can be heard saying, "He's not at all dead. How did this happen? Look, he wants to say something, he is breathing."

In response, Moradabad hospital health chief Dr. Shiv Singh said that Srikesh did not show signs of life even though he was checked several times. He said, "The emergency medical officer had seen the patient at 3 a.m. and there was no heartbeat." He explained that it was one of those "rarest of rare cases" and that it cannot be called negligence on the part of the medical examiner.

"He had examined the man multiple times. Thereafter, he was declared dead but, in the morning, a police team and his family found him alive," Dr. Singh explained adding that "a probe has been ordered" and that the priority now is to save the patient's life. Meanwhile, Rajenda Kumar, a hospital superintendent, called Srikesh's recovery "nothing short of a miracle".

As for Srikesh, he is said to be undergoing treatment at a health centre in Meerut and his condition has improved. But his sister-in-law shared that he has "yet to regain consciousness." She also revealed the family's plans to lodge a formal complaint against the doctors for negligence for declaring him dead. She accused them of nearly killing his brother-in-law "by putting him in a freezer."

Srikesh Kumar was declared dead by doctors and put in the freezer where seven hours after he was found moving by his family. John Moore / Staff/ Getty