Purity Muthoki Makau had tried to escape her abusive husband, Boniface Kivuku Mutua, by returning to her paternal home. Kivuku went to Muthoki's family home claiming that he wanted to mend their relationship. The abusive man ended up attacking his wife with a machete before being killed by a mob of locals.

Muthoki had been living back with her family in Mbooni, southern Kenyan county of Makueni. Her 30-year-old husband suddenly called her father, Nicolas Makau Munywoki, telling him that he wanted to visit his wife. Makau allowed his son-in-law to come to try and reconcile with his daughter.

On June 13, the man went to his in-laws' home and had dinner with the family. The attack took place after dinner, when Makau went to a neighbour's home.

The Nairobi Wire reported that at around 11 pm, Kivuku and Muthoki had been left alone in the home. Recalling the incident, Muthoki shared that the family had decided that the couple would be sleeping in separate rooms for the night. In the absence of his father-in-law, Kivuku climbed the roof of the home and snuck into his wife's room.

Kivuku attacked his 24-year-old victim with a panga, a machete-like tool.

Alerted by his daughter's screams, Makau rushed to his home. He was unable to enter Muthoki's room as Kivuku has locked the door. A crowd gathered at the family's home and eventually, Kivuku opened the door and tried to escape the mob. Locals chased Kivuku down and stoned him to death.

The domestic violence victim was rushed to Makueni Referral Hospital. Medics stated that her wrists were deeply lacerated to the point where her hands were hanging by thin strips of skin. They decided to amputate Muthoki's hands.

Muthoki's condition is stable after the amputation surgery. She blamed her father for allowing Kivuku to visit her. She pointed out that Kivuku used to be physically abusive towards her during their three years of marriage. Unable to take the abuse any longer, she had decided to leave Kivuku's home in Yatta, Machakos County. Instead of allowing the domestic violence victim to remain safe, her father endangered her by encouraging the failed reconciliation attempt.

It is unclear if the police will be investigating Kivuku's murder.

bauchi stoning
Man stoned to death for attacking his wife with a machete. (representational image) AP