A man told police during drug raid that he has swallowed several bags of heroin and requested medical attention. Getty Images

A man from Allentown in Pennsylvania reportedly swallowed 50 bags of heroin after police raided his house during a drug investigation. The 45-year-old man, identified as Jose A DeJesus, had to be given medical treatment.

DeJesus was at his house at the time of the drug raid on 16 February. He denied his true identity to the police and told them his name was "Angel Luis Ortiz". DeJesus eventually revealed his real name, police said.

Police discovered glass crack pipes syringes and a prescription pill inside DeJesus's apartment. Once at the police headquarters, DeJesus's admitted to swallowing the 50 bags of heroin and requested medical care. He is now being charged with drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, false identification to police and tampering with evidence. DeJesus remains at the Lehigh County Jail and no update on his medical condition was made available on 17 February.

Earlier, it was revealed that drug mules are going to great lengths to smuggle illegal substances into Britain with some people found swallowing up to 110 packages of heroin and cocaine before passing through customs. According to the UK Border Force, the "swallowers" are believed to earn nearly £1,000 ($1,400) per trip despite subjecting themselves to serious health issues, including death should one of the packages burst.

The drugs are reportedly carried inside balloons, condoms or cling film, with the mules using dangerous levels of diarrhoea medication to prevent them needing to use the toilet during their journey. Many will also starve themselves for days on end before travelling in the UK.