Ignoring a warning sign turned out to be a fatal decision for a man in Tampico, Mexico on Saturday, October 17. After entering a lagoon for a swim, the man was swiftly attacked by one of the crocodiles that inhabit the area. Witnesses watched as the man was dragged underwater. The man's family claimed the body and he has been identified as 56-year-old, Jorge. It is believed that the man had mental health issues and had been missing from his home before the incident.

Visitors to the Laguna del Carpintero were stunned when a man took off his clothes and entered the crocodile-infested waters. Jorge seemed to be at the lagoon unaccompanied. Before anyone could stop him, the man swam far into the lagoon. He ignored signboards that warned people from entering the waters.

Witnesses from the shore saw Jorge in the distance being followed by a crocodile. A video taken by one of the witnesses captured the moment the crocodile grabbed hold of the man. Due to the distance form which the attack took place, neither the man nor the crocodile can be seen properly. A figure, which is the crocodile, can be seen speeding towards the figure in front of it. When the crocodile grabs the man, what appears to be the man's arm can be seen out of the water before he disappeared completely.

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Local emergency services, as well as Red Cross workers arrived at the lagoon after the incident was reported. They tried to find and save the man. The search and rescue mission soon ended as the body of the man was found. Jorge had his arm ripped off and had sustained multiple deep bite wounds.

According to the Milenio, the man's relatives identified his body at the Attorney General's Office. They informed the authorities that Jorge had special needs. He had been missing from his home for a couple of days before the incident. It is unknown how he managed to reach the lagoon by himself. The man's body was handed over to the family for his funeral.

Crocodile swim signs
Man killed by crocodile after ignoring warning signs. (representational image) Getty