A man who committed a string of crimes wearing a mask associated with horror movie Scream has been ordered to serve 1,888 years in prison.

Tyrone Richardson, 32, was found guilty of numerous crimes including kidnapping, attempted murder, assault, armed robbery and burglary following a crime spree in Lakewood, Colorado, in 2015.

Richardson, along with Miguel David Sanders, 29, Myloh Jaqory Mason, 26, were dubbed the 'Scream mask bandits' after robbing a bank, stealing a getaway car, attempting to kidnap a pensioner at gunpoint and shooting a pedestrian.

The three men were found guilty of multiple crimes following a three-week trial in Jefferson County in November 2016 – with Richardson charged with 37 counts, Mason with 37 and Sanders with 38.

At the time of the initial criminal trial, District Attorney Pete Weir said in a statement seen by the Denver Post: "We are pleased with this verdict following this lengthy trial. The investigation into this crime spree was a huge undertaking," District Attorney Pete Weir said in a statement seen by the Denver Post.

"There were 17 victims, multiple crime scenes, and over 500 of pieces of evidence. Many law enforcement agencies participated in this investigation and helped the trial team to help bring justice for these victims and to hold these violent offenders accountable."

In December, Sanders was sentenced to 371 years in prison, with Mason sentenced to 1,200 in prison in March, and on Tuesday (25 April), Richardson was sentenced to more than 1,800 years in prison.

Scream Mask
A scream mask was worn to commit the crimes. Getty