Matthew Coleman, who had killed his two children over his belief in a disproven QAnon conspiracy theory, had told a friend just a few weeks before the crime that he wanted to have more kids.

Coleman, a surfing instructor who lived with his family in Santa Barbara, California has already confessed to murdering his children Kaleo, two, and Roxy, 10 months with a spear gun in Mexico. In his statement, the 40-year-old said that he found out his wife possessed "serpent DNA" which she had passed to their children, and the toddlers needed to be killed in order to prevent them from growing into "monsters."

Coleman's wife Abby, his family, and his friends describe him as a loving father and are shocked at his actions. A friend has now revealed that just five weeks before he was arrested for the crime, he had texted him saying that he wants to become a father again.

The messages sent on June 30 from a phone registered to Coleman, which People magazine has seen, discussed his religious faith and thoughts on fatherhood without any sign of a violent streak. When the friend asked the accused if he was done having kids, he responded, "No. I want at least 4."

When the friend further asked if having four children won't be too much work for him, Coleman said, "I'm immune to body fluids at this point. We're potty training Kaleo and I change Roxy's diapers all the time."

Another friend had previously confirmed that Coleman did believe in some weird theories like QAnon, but never seemed capable of violence. The man who used to regularly workout with the accused had said that their usual talks about children and parenting had steered towards the darker side by this year.

"He'd tell me about stuff he read online. Conspiracies. But he'd present it like, 'I read something really crazy. Isn't that ridiculous? But then, he'd start adding things like, 'yeah, but when you think about it, it all makes a lot of sense. It was like he was starting to believe them. And he spent a lot of time looking at these conspiracies. He devoted a lot of brain power to them," the friend had said.

Coleman himself told police that he was "enlightened by QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories." QAnon, a notorious far-right conspiracy theory, alleges that a cabal of Satanic, cannibalistic pedophiles operate a global child sex trafficking ring and conspired against former President Donald Trump during his term in office. The Illuminati conspiracy theory suggests that there is an elite and secret organisation called the "Illuminati" who are seeking to create a dominant world totalitarian government, a "New World Order," which involves a single government made up of Illuminati members that would rule over the entire planet.

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