National Health Scheme has been in the news for Camron's insistence to pursue
Mr Ammar Ammar Abdulkareem Suleiman is accused of deliberately not returning £35,000 to NHS Manchester Press Association

A doctor has appeared at a tribunal accused of not returning £35,000 allegedly paid to him by mistake by an NHS trust.

Ammar Haydar appeared at a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing to answer claims that he knowingly ignored letters from NHS Manchester about the salary overpayment in his salary but did not pay it back.

A panel was examining whether Haydar was fit to practise after a raft of accusations were made againsthim. He has worked for NHS Salford, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust and Pennine Trust.

The hearing, which is scheduled to last until May, is taking place in Manchester and is expected to be adjourned pending further investigation.