Police footage released today (11 May) shows a truck driver reading a book at the wheel.

He is one of 71 people who have been stopped on the M60 during Operation Tramline – which began on 1 May – in Manchester for offences including texting at the wheel and aggressive driving.

Sixty-six of them were issued with tickets for driving without due care (for which they were fined£100 and given three penalty points on their licences), another was given an on-the-spot fine and one vehicle was seized.

Inspector Susan Redfern said: "The operation has been a big success and we are delighted with how it has gone.

"We have had some good results over the course of Operation Tramline and I hope that those people who have been issued with penalties take their punishments to heart and stop committing offences that are endangering the lives of other drivers.

"There's been quite a range of reasons that we've stopped people for but I think probably the most unbelievable one was stopping one particular driver for reading a book at the wheel!"

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