Manchester United legend Gary Neville has revealed that he has a clear idea of who he wants at Old Trafford but he won't reveal any names as he wants Jose Mourinho to be successful at the club before making way for his successor.

Mourinho is in his second season at Old Trafford, with United on course to finish in the top four this term. The Portuguese delivered two trophies last season but the Champions League is his only hope this time around, given Manchester City have all but secured the title.

The Red Devils had two managers before Mourinho was brought in with neither David Moyes nor Louis van Gaal managing to live up to expectations. The former Real Madrid man struggled in his first season in the league, finishing sixth but managed to make it to Europe's biggest club competition by winning the Europa League.

Mourinho has since signed a long-term contract but Neville has already set his sights on time after his departure.

"I do have an opinion on my own club, but I'm not willing to share it with you because I want Jose Mourinho to continue. I have a very clear idea of who I think the next Manchester United manager should be, but I want Jose Mourinho to be successful first before that happens," Neville told Yahoo Sport.

"I believe he will be successful because he's always been successful wherever he goes. However, I believed that David Moyes and Louis van Gaal would be successful, because I am a fan of the club and I have to believe in the club's managers as a fan.

"You sometimes lose that faith over a period of time watching them, but on the other hand, from a point of view of Jose, now that he's been supported with a new contract and he's been supported with investment in the transfer market, the club need to now go the whole hog and make sure they support him in the future, for the next year or two, to be able to win that league."

Jose Mourinho
Gary Neville has a clear idea of who will replace Jose Mourinho Reuters