Louis van Gaal
Louis van Gaal points towards his return to the preferred 4-3-3 system for the upturn in Manchester United's recent form Getty Images

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has revealed the reason for the Red Devils's change in fortune and believes it's down to "triangles" all over the pitch that his team is on a fine run that saw them register crucial victories over top four rivals Tottenham and Liverpool.

The Dutch manager has come in for some criticism during the course of the season for failing to inculcate a certain style into his team and also for their below par performances be it in victory or defeat.

However, the team have answered their critics in fine fashion, after they put in their most complete performances of the season during their wins over Spurs and Liverpool in recent weeks.

Van Gaal, who tinkered with the 3-5-2 formation at the start of the season, has now ditched that and reverted to his preferred 4-3-3 formation and the manager believes that it's the best system to dominate games. But he did admitted that he is willing to change his system depending on the quality of his players and that of the opponents.

"It's always dependent on the players involved, but everybody knows the system I prefer is 1-4-3-3 with a No.10 or No.6 player behind the strikers. It's dependable of the quality of the players, but also of the opponent," Van Gaal said, as quoted by Manchester Evening News.

"But I prefer it because that's the easiest system to dominate the game because it is over the whole pitch triangles and that gives the players always two options at least," the Dutchman explained.

"But I have played with several other systems because of the quality of the players who were available in that moment."

Louis van Gaal, who has been accused of being a tyrant when it comes to managing his players, believes that a player has to listen to his advice if he wants to perform well during a game.

However, the manager has revealed that he is open to the idea of his players voicing their opinion as long as they have a strong and valid point. But admitted that most players "don't dare" go against his suggestions.

"For a manager it is always better to give compliments than always corrections. I think the players know me in another way than the media."

"I asked the players what they find - but I have a lot of corrections. But they have to agree with me otherwise they cannot perform it the next time," the former Bayern Munich manager added.

Asked if players are happy to tell him if he is wrong, he said: "Most of the players don't dare to do that, but they can when they have good arguments."

"I listen to their arguments. That's the main thing. I listen to their arguments and when the argument is better than my argument then maybe I change my opinion," Van Gaal concluded.