Manchester United have regained their position on the top of the most expensive football teams by brand value.

United, who are planning an IPO later this year have once again climbed to the top of the survey, beating Real Madrid by £11million.

The final brand valuation was set at £412million, up a staggering 11 per cent from last year; this may be dues to success in the commerce division with United reporting a 27 per cent increase from the previous year.

Manchester United side also announced a sponsorship deal with logistics company DHL for its training apparel worth £40million.

The Reds financial success correlates with their success on the pitch, having only dropped 2 points this season.

English striker Wayne Rooney has topped the scoring league too with a massive nine goals in six games for the Premiership champions. However, United have struggled in the Champions League this week, only managing a 3-3 draw with Swiss champions, Basel.

Brand Finance, the company behind the survey, said: ""The commercial team at United have developed such a compelling and well-protected brand that global partners are willing to pay premium sums to be affiliated with the champions. In the upcoming IPO, we would expect the brand strength of United to feature prominently in the investment story."

The Premiership champions are hoping to raise $1Billion by floating up to 30 per cent of the club in IPO on the Singapore stock exchange.

The Top 10 clubs by brand value


1. Manchester United £412m

2. Real Madrid £401m

3. Barcelona £392m

4. Bayern Munich £308m

5. Chelsea £196m

6. Arsenal £188m

7. AC Milan £170m

8. Inter Milan £164m

9. Liverpool £156m

10. Juventus £115m