homeless joe
Homeless Joe YouTube

Meet homeless man Joe. He sleeps with different women every night to keep him off the streets and is quite proud of it.

The 26-year-old makes $150, (£90), a day begging on the streets of Manhattan, New York, but at night he turns into an irresistible lothario for women who end up taking him home.

He spends whatever money he has on looking good so not to give his game away like shopping for gel to keep his hair presentable or spraying the odd splash of cologne.

Speaking to Elite Daily, he said: "New York City is amazing it has eight million people so you can f*** a different girl like, whenever you want.

"Dude I'll go up to any random girl and tell them I love them, I wanna marry 'em - just for general recreational purposes.

"I was sleeping at this broad's house and last night we went drinking and were eating lobster like classy individuals."

homeless joe
Women cannot resist Joe in Manhattan YouTube

He sleeps with women three or four times a week and admits his "abstract lifestyle is not for everybody".

"I'm pretty sure if you look at all the homeless people in New York City I'm the only one that can really pull this s*** off."

He explains he likes the freedom living on the streets after his mother kicked him out for having drugs.

"I might sleep on cardboard like two or three nights a week but I literally wake up every single day and do whatever the f*** I want.

"It will be like 7 o'clock in the morning, girls wake me up and say you're passed out on the sidewalk - you need to go home. I say I f***ing am home!"