Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan
Pacquiao says Khan's team ensured the fight would not go ahead Getty Images

Manny Pacquiao claims middle men representing Amir Khan forced the collapse of negotiations over a fight in 2016. The 37-year-old Filipino fighter will face Timothy Bradley in what is being billed as his last professional fight, following lengthy discussions over a potential meeting with his British rival.

Pacquiao's 21-year career will come to an end in April after he takes on Bradley for a third time. The pair exchanged points victories in their first two meetings and will face a decider to settle their long rivalry. But for Khan, it is a case of what could have been after Pacquiao revealed his counterpart's team contributed to talks over a bout falling through.

"We tried to push through this fight [against Khan]," he told Sky Sports. "We don't know but after this I'm going to retire so it's impossible. Before this fight with Timothy Bradley we were negotiating and trying to fix and get it done, this fight with Amir, but it didn't work out. There were a lot of middle men – a lot in people in negotiations – a lot of representatives from him and that is the reason why it didn't get pushed through.

Before this fight with Timothy Bradley we were negotiating and trying to fix and get it done, this fight with Amir, but it didn't work out
- Manny Pacquiao

"We have this third fight [against Bradley] because there are a lot of questions in the minds of the fans. This third fight will answer those questions. I want to win convincingly before I end my career. I want to win my last fight."

Khan, meanwhile, is pursuing a rematch with Danny Garcia, who takes on Robert Guerrero for the vacant WBC welterweight title on 23 January. Should the 27-year-old prevail, Khan wants to avenge his 2012 loss later this year, a move that would delay any fight with Kell Brook.

Brook will take on Kevin Bizier in the third defence of his IBF crown and amid talks over a potential fight at Wembley Stadium later in 2016, Khan has lashed out at the Sheffield-born boxer over his demands over the fight purse.

"I want it, Eddie wants it, Sky want it, all the fans want it, but then Kell decides to fight Kevin Bizier who's lost to Jo Jo Dan twice! Never known of a world champion to have three bum defences back to back, make that four if you include Diego Chaves, at least fight someone in top 10," he wrote on Twitter.

"Brook fight could still happen this year but Brook wants 50/50 split with me. Wake up son and smell the coffee! Be realistic and make it happen, even Eddie told you you're not worth that! Fact is they are fooling the fans fighting all these bums on the back of my name to hype his fights and profile saying I'm running scared etc."