Analysts from BBC news have created a map that shows deadly, scary spots across the world. The map clearly shows dangerous spots around the world such as the Dominican Republic where you could be dead because of spider bite; Denmark where most people die because of cancer; Afghanistan where people die because of excess of drugs; the Ukraine where people die because of heart disease; Zimbabwe where most people die because of AIDS.

The map also shows that people could die falling off a ladder or falling from the bed. BBC analysts claim that 6.5 per 1 million die just by falling off a ladder in the Czech Republic and 14.3 per 1 million die falling from the bed in Hungary.

"We have gathered the evidence to reveal where in the world you are most likely to die of illness, incidents, accidents... or even falling out of bed," the BBC said.

The map even shows that a person could die because of meteor strike in Antarctica. According to the map, most people in Japan die of old age with more than 800 people per 1 million dying of old age.

To create this unique map, BBC analysts had to study several websites and health reports. They analysed more than 20 websites such as, and

The study also found that every year more than 3,000 per one million die of cancer in Denmark and 10,000 people die of heart disease in the Ukraine. In the map, the Ukraine has highest death rate compared to other countries.

In 2008, another group of researchers had created a death map in the US. The map revealed several deaths which are often caused by natural disasters like earthquake, floods and hurricane.

Natural hazard mortality is most often hazard-specific (floods, earthquakes, heat); event-specific (hurricane Katrina), or lack of adequate temporal or geographic coverage. This makes it difficult to assess mortality from natural hazards in any systematic way. One study examines the spatial patterns of natural hazard mortality at the county-level for the US from 1970-2004 using a combination of geographical and epidemiological methods.

"We are all resigned to the fact that death comes to us all in the end. What is far less certain is how we will go. But thanks to the wonder of statistics we can take a tour of the globe to find out just where you are most likely to die of what. Some are probably predictable, some will surprise you and just to show that we are not totally morbid, you can also discover which country you are likely to live the longest," BBC News said.

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