Setting a new milestone once again for the 21st century fashion was American fashion designer Marc Jacob's fall/winter creations for the luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

The travel-inspired collection presented during the Paris Fashion Week enthralled spectators as models clad in exclusive Louis Vuitton designs walked the ramp accompanied by a valet carrying Louis Vuitton hat boxes, vanity cases, and petite valises in crocodile and embroidered sequins.

What particularly amazed onlookers was the presence of a life-size Orient Express which transported them to one of the most fashionable ages of travel. The glamour and rich history of the Orient Express has frequently lent itself to the plot of books and films and as the subject of television documentaries and it is this history that has inspired the retro travel collection created by Jacobs.

As the clock struck 10 on the wall of the show hall, steam emerged from behind the black gates and a false floor was pulled back to reveal train tracks, and the Louis Vuitton express. Following this, an array of fashionable "traveller" models accompanied by uniformed porters walked the ramp.

The Guardian reported that luggage and fashion were intertwined in every aspect of this collection. After the show, Jacobs retreated from the jostling camera crews into the train carriage, where he explained that "the whole collection started with the idea for the train. From there we thought about what bags the woman would have on the train, what she would be wearing, where she would be going."

The collection mainly comprised signature designs by Marc Jacobs with brocades, jacquards, big, bejewelled buttons and strong lapels on three-quarter length coats to give a retro feel. All the models were dressed in large Edwardian hats to present the 1960s fashion look.

Catch a glimpse of the exclusive travel collection by Marc Jacobs in the images given below: