Harry Louis and Marc Jacob
Brazilian-born Harry Louis (L) and Marc Jacob (R) have ended their romance after two years of dating.

Just days after Marc Jacobs parted company with Louis Vuitton, the fashion designer has also ended another relationship.

The 50-year-old style icon's toy-boy boyfriend Harry Louis has revealed the couple have ended their romance after two years of dating.

Brazilian-born Louis announced the news on his Instagram account, by sharing an image of the couple during happier times with a shattered glass effect.

"So I would like to be the first one to share with you all the news," he wrote. "Me and Marc have decided not carry on with our relationship as boyfriends."

The couple went public with their romance in 2011, and have often been pictured holidaying together in Brazil.

According to Louis, a reported ex-porn star who runs a London-based chocolate-making business, their hectic work schedules and time constraints was behind the split.

"The distance and lack of time because of work schedules aren't really something realistic, and he's such a beautiful and amazing person, that I think he deserve a bf who will stay at least in one of the cities that he leaves[sic] in... Also, I need that too," Louis said.

"We love each other very much, and that it was a decision from both!!!! Every special minute we've spent together will be treasured, and a new chapter of our both lives has started... Both of us focusing in work, and make it work!!!!"

Despite his newly-single status Louis remained upbeat telling fans: "For those who were always supportive of us, please don't be sad, live goes on, to all of us..." he said. "And for those who were praying that this day were coming, there you have... Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis aren't officially a couple anymore!!!!

News of their parting comes just days after Louis attended Jacobs' final Louis Vuitton show.

"Farewell to the greatest designer of LV of all times!!! Marc, we love you!!! Me for other reasons, but the world admire and are inspired by your talent and courage in always thinking outside the box," the 25-year-old wrote on Instagram, accompanied with a picture of the designer taking his final bow.