Singer Mariah Carey has revealed what she really thinks of the engagement ring that billionaire businessman James Packer has given her. "It's hideous, take it away! I was insulted, I was insulted. I couldn't believe...." (laughs) "No it was an amazing moment and I'm very, very excited," said Carey,

The singer has also made another commitment as well as the one to Packer – touring Europe for the first time in over 10 years. "I'm looking forward to coming back to Europe because I had so much fun when I went in the last... It was '03 and I can't believe it even though I don't acknowledge numbers," she said.

Mariah says she needs sleep most of all during the 27 gigs, but also the company of her children. "It's funny to me the things that they remember about the places they've been because they've been so many places – more than a lot of adults, I'm sure. But it wouldn't be the same without them so it's something I'm looking forward to because they love coming to the shows. It amazes me when my daughter will sing 'We Belong Together'. Wait, she knows that song? I'm like, how does she know this? But she knows it," she said.

The Sweet, Sweet Fantasy tour will go around Europe before Mariah plays two final gigs in South Africa at the beginning of May.