The daughter of Silvio Berlusconi said she has no intention to take the reins of her father's political machine whose future is threatened by his jail sentence.

"I reaffirm once and for all that I have never contemplated entering politics," said Marina Berlusconi, head of the family's holding company, Fininvest.

"I hope that all those who keep on claiming I have an intention that I've never had will take cognizance of this further denial."

Despite earlier denials that she would take the helm, speculation started to mount again when her father, Italy's three-time prime minister, was handed a four-year prison sentence and banned from public office.

Many of his closest aides had enthusiastically suggested that she would be the best option to start new course for Italy's centre right.

"She is Berlusconi's heir," said Berlusconi's PDL party MP Laura Ravetto.

Her strong character, managerial skills and name alone were said to be the right mix to appeal to the People of Freedom party's supporters as well as conservatives who were alienated by her flamboyant father's behaviour.

Northern League leader and long-time Berlusconi ally Umberto Bossi has also backed her.

"Marina could take over from her father," Bossi told Ansa news agency. "She could be the right card to play."

Marina Berlusconi is a child of his first marriage, to Carla Dall'Oglio.

The Italian Senate was expected to vote on whether or not to confirm his ban from public office in the autumn. He benefits from partial immunity.

Such sentences are usually routinely upheld by parliament but the Berlusconi's case might be treated differently because of his political weight.