Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts has streaked over 500 times (Channel 4)

The world's most prolific streaker is planning to retire after 20 years of baring all.

Mark Roberts, 48, from Liverpool, has streaked over 500 times during his career and has become known as The Baredevil.

A Channel 4 documentary, Streak! The Man Who Can't Keep His Clothes On looks at what made Roberts want to show off his assets in the first place and why he is planning to give it up.

Roberts has no wife, no job, no money and apparently no clothes. He has streaked across the globe, and been arrested for it many times over.

Some of his most famous conquests include the Superbowl, Crufts, the Ryder Cup, the Winter Olympics, the Turner Prize and Mr Universe.

Speaking about the Mr Universe streak, he said: "I waited nearly an hour, sweating from every pore, until the end of the contest when the overall winner was announced, for the security guard to go.

"When he did, I went for it straight away! I pulled my t-shirt off, threw it in my bag, put the cape over my head, grabbed my bag and ran up the steps and onto the stage. The slogan I had on my chest was "CAPT COCK FROM KENNY" relating to Kensington, the area I used to live in!

Amazing feeling

"When I got to the middle of the stage, I put my bag down and shouted 'Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Captain Cock and I'm from Kenny!' then proceeded to strike a lat spread pose, pulling a stupid face at the same time.

"I ran to the exit, banged open the doors, ran through the corridor, banged open the street doors and was out. I kept on running but couldn't get the thought out of my head of twenty body-builders chasing me along Southport prom."

The documentary looks at footage of Roberts that has been shot over the last two decades and follows him as he tries to make his final and best ever streak.

In an interview with the Independent, Roberts explains that he is giving up streaking for his three children: "They said it's time you finish. When I suggested The X Factor they said, 'Dad, please don't do that, my friends watch it'."

Roberts' first streak was at the Rugby Sevens in Hong Kong in 1993.

Explaining why he does it, he said: "I ran round the whole [Hong Kong] stadium and 65,000 people were cheering and laughing - it was the most amazing feeling

"I've done the Winter and Summer Olympics; the Super Bowl, the Champions League, the Uefa Cup, the FA Cup Final, the Commonwealth Games, the Wimbledon final. I don't think there's any final I haven't streaked at."