Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has purchased the website domain maxchanzuckerberg.org from an Indian student for $700 (£493). The social media giant approached Amal Augustine – who is studying engineering in the southern Indian state of Kochi – after learning that he bought the site soon after the birth of Zuckerberg's daughter, Maxime Chan Zuckerberg.

Augustine was thrilled to register to website name shortly after he came to know about Zuckerberg's daughter's name. However, he did not to make a kill from Facebook, but had to settle for a relatively smaller amount.

"I received an email from Sarah Kim of ICONIQ Capital, the wealth manager of Zuckerberg, stating that there were willing to purchase the domain. When they asked me what my amount for the deal was, I said $700, thinking that they would agree for $500. To my surprise, they agreed to the amount I demanded. Later, my friends told me that I could have made a much bigger deal. But, this is my first such deal, and I have no regrets," Augustine said, according to reports.

Augustine had earlier listed maxchanzuckerberg.org – shorter version for Maxime Chan – domain on his Facebook page mentioning it was up for sale. The website was originally registered with the web hosting company GoDaddy.