A married Premier League football manager has warned that he will obtain an injunction following allegations that he sent racy text messages to a divorced woman. According to reports, the elite boss has previously encouraged his players to be role models.

According to The Sun, which was threatened with the injunction, the woman was asked by the manager to send a picture of herself in high heels and stockings – but no underwear – if his side won an away game. The newspaper also reported that the manager had previously won a court order preventing details of an affair from being exposed.

The pair exchanged messages via WhatsApp over the course of a month. One message allegedly read: "I'm churning out a boring footie session for my boys.

"Did cross my mind if sex is going to be a part of this first date scenario.

"A famous madame died yesterday and her advice to women was never have sex on the first date. Stupid cow. I'm pleased she's gone."

Another message said: "All options include a hotel room. Not being presumptuous just need somewhere safe to have a first kiss if needed."

The divorced accountant told The Sun: "You know how sometimes you find yourself in a situation you never thought you'd be in, and the only thing you can do is laugh, because you don't know what to do. Everybody I have ever been involved with in my life is because I choose to be.

"I can't see any good of anything that can come out of this," the mother-of-two added. "So I am not keen on talking about this. My view is I'm not going to look good. I will look like a nasty little ***** and I don't want that."

The latest row comes after a high-profile entertainer obtained an injunction in a bid to keep his identity secret. The star – who can only be identified as PJS by media in England and Wales – is alleged to have participated in an extra-marital threesome.

On 21 April, the celebrity appealed against a Court of Appeal decision that their identity should be lifted. The Supreme Court said it would "take time to consider" the matter and a decision will be announced at a later date. The injunction remains in place in the meantime.