The fact of a disappointing finale to the Mass Effect trilogy is being added to by fresh criticism over technical snags with multiplayer events and campaigns.

Technical snags and bugs aside, the moment of Tali's uncloaking in Mass Effect 3 stands out as one of the most exciting in the franchise. Although her character debuted with immature moments in the first game, subsequent roles saw her develop both emotionally and intellectual and her character grew in popularity as her mental strengths and dilemmas (her relationship with Commander Shepard, for example) were revealed,

However, even the uncloaking has come in for criticism - the game shows an image on a photo-frame on Shepard's beside table rather than an in-game cut-scene revealing the character's face. What was worse is that it was later discovered the stock image was that of the 2005 winner of the Miss England title.

The decision to use the stock photo was explained at PAX East by Mike Gamble, the producer of the ME franchise always used real-life reference photos of women to represent game characters, pointing to Fem Shepard, Liara, Miranda and Samara's faces. According to Game Bandits, Gamble also stated BioWare often imported source arts for in-game aspects, as it believed real photography added a layer of fidelity and ensure the right colours.

The question, however, refers to a possible lack of effort on BioWare's part. Tali'Zorah is expected to look like a Quarian but the photograph in Commander Shepard's quarters still looks very human.

However, if you really want a glimpse of how Tali ought to look, at least from a fan's perspective, you could refer to one of several awesome fan art pieces.

Tali's Face Concept Art Photo
Tali's Face Concept Art Photo: Timothy
Tali's Face Concept Art
Tali's Face Concept Art Photo: Vespaz
Tali's Face Concept Art
Tali's Face Concept Art Photo: Calisto Lynn and Nebezial
Tali's Face Concept Art
Tali's Face Concept Art Photo: DaoTheJing

"Finished Mass Effect 3, loved 90% of the game. 5% I disliked was the ending and the other 5% is the reason for this painting.... I wanted to see a full rendered 3d face for Tail since 07 and all we got was a stock photo, bleh. I want to rant about stuff but no, the continuation of the series is much more important than an ending or a face... This is my take on her face, I have my wild imagination to paint her face and add stuff to it," said concept artist, Timothy, according to Game Ranx.

"I have mixed feelings about whether or not Bioware should reveal Talis face. I like being able to make up my own, if they officially gave her a face, i think lots of people would be disappointed," opined concept artist, DaoTheJing.

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