Comic Con 2012 has finally come to a close after four days of camping in hot, sunny San Diego, California. Crazy fans dressed in all kinds of costume added colour to the biggest gaming culture event - 43 annual Comic-Con.

For a change, the biggest gaming extravaganza of the year witnessed the spotlight break away from the traditional entertainment industry comprising film and television. As Huffington Post notes, the event saw fans thronging to exhibit their talent at some of the popular panels such as Breaking Bad, True Blood, Game of Thrones and Twilight, while video game fans showed pride in endorsing their franchises in colourful attire.

Mass Effect fans trooped out dressed in their favourite costumes from the Mass Effect series, one of the critically acclaimed game franchises in RPG Sci-Fi action-shooter platform.

BioWare drew much flak for its controversial ending with Mass Effect 3, as angry fans took to rebellious campaigns forcing a new ending from the game maker. The cool and composed BioWare stuck to its decision to retain the original storyline, but brought some respectability to the franchise by fixing major plotholes with the extended ending.

The Extended Cut DLC lived up to its expectations to serve the purpose of explaining each ending in detail and assuring a sense of satisfaction to most if not all gamers. Discerning critics, however, would have rooted for a revised ending that could make the gamers' effort worthwhile, what with Shepard's endless sacrifices through the ending notwithstanding.

Controversies and fan campaigns aside, this year's Comic Con festival witnessed the true passion of avid gamers and enthusiastic geeks alike, as they thronged the event in vibrant costumes.

Check out the photos of the star-studded characters of Mass Effect: