Interactive Video Games Sharpen Children’s Motor Skills
Researchers from the Deakin University and the University of Wollongong have found that pre-schoolers who play interactive video games have better motor skills. Reuters

Ryan Lindell, 21, was sentenced to a minimum of six years for the sexual attack on a 76-year-old pensioner with the intention of rape.

Lord Uist of the Edinburgh High Court pronounced his verdict, pointing out the young man who had destroyed the life of a woman in her old age was a danger to society. The woman attacked could no longer move and was suffering trauma, the judge said.

The judge, reading out his ruling, also pointed out that Ryan Lindell will have to serve a minimum of six years before requesting for clemency or parole. His details have been entered in the sexual offenders register.

Lindell had earlier undergone treatment for attention deficit disorder, and seemed reckless and aloof, the court heard.

Lindell was one of the children who survived a killing spree carried out by Thomas Hamilton, aged 43. Hamilton worked as a scout master when in 1996 he decided to go on the rampage killing 16 children and a teacher at the Dunblane Primary School, near Sterling. The shooter killed himself after the rampage. Young Lindell was shot in the arm and wounded.

Dr Rajan Darjee, a psychiatrist, who interviewed Liddell six times and looked at reports on his early life, said Liddell displayed behavioural problems before the massacre, and that the Dunblane attack had no bearing on the crime he committed trying to sexually abuse an elderly woman.

Lindell was charged once for theft by housebreaking in 2009 and on another occasion for breach of bail conditions in 2010.

"I must state that it does not follow that you will be released after six years: you will be released only when the Parole Board considers that it is no longer necessary for the protection of the public that you continue to be held in prison," the judge said after sentencing, according to the BBC.