IBTimes UK film critic Amy West gives casts her eyes at the biggest new movie releases coming to cinemas this May.

X-Men Apocalypse

First up, we have X-Men: Apocalypse which follows a storyline lifted straight from Marvel comics. It centres on villain Apocalypse, the first ever mutant who has grown more and more powerful since his birth in Ancient Egypt, who awakens from thousands of years of suspended animation.

Upon seeing the new world, he soon becomes disgusted that mutants are living in secret amongst humans and vows to eradicate everything so he and his fellow gifted ones can start anew. To do this, he puts together a band of powerful mutants including Magneto, Angel and Storm, to try and carry out his bidding.

Newcomer to the franchise Oscar Isaac plays the titular baddie, while familiar faces James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Byrne and Michael Fassbender are back to reprise their roles from previous instalments.

Green Room

While X-Men veteran Patrick Stewart won't be starring alongside them for that one, he will be seen on the big screen next month in horror thriller Green Room however.

Offering up a completely different performance than we're used to seeing of the actor, Stewart plays a club owner and neo-Nazi skinhead who, following a music gig, holds the members of a punk band hostage after they witness his gang carry out a particularly grizzly act of violence backstage.

Florence Foster Jenkins

If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea however, the last title in our monthly picks is of much lighter fare. Starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant, Florence Foster Jenkins tells the real-life story of a wealthy woman who wants nothing more than to sing opera. There's just one problem, she's practically tone deaf when it comes to the art.

In order to keep her feelings from getting hurt, her husband-turned-manager monitors her many self-funded concerts, keeping the mockers and scoffers at bay and ensuring that no one will say a bad word against her when they're over.Sweet, uplifting and genuinely funny, it's an absolute must see.