Knives and forks coming to McDonald's
Knives and forks coming to McDonald's

A simple question by a diner at a McDonald's restaurant could signal a landmark shift in the story of the global fast food giant after an outlet in Australia became the first in the world to provide cutlery.

It seems Ronald McDonald is finally learning table manners, with the announcement that knives and forks are to be supplied with meals - including Big Mac and fries, chicken nuggets and a range of wraps.

Special permission had to be sought by managers of the franchise near Sydney from company executives at the global headquarters in Chicago.

Husband and wife team Glenn and Katia Dwarte made contact after a customer asked why no cutlery was available at their McDonald's branch in Warilla.

A reply from head office gave permission to go ahead and offer cutlery.

Introducing knives and forks marks a fundamental shift in direction for the brand, which built its reputation on cheap, fast food in no-nonsense surroundings.

But a spokesman for McDonald's told IBTimes UK: "We have no plans for a similar scheme in the United Kingdom."

That denial has poured cold water on rumours that plans were afoot to supply cutlery at the burger giant's 1,200 UK outlets despite reports that claimed a "concept outlet" in Milton Keynes was being used as a testing lab for knives and forks.