Biscuit maker McVities has faced a furious backlash from consumers after reportedly changing the recipe of its classic Chocolate Digestives.

Fans accused the company, which has recently undergone a brand revamp, of altering the recipe for their favourite teatime treat.

While, food experts at Which? claimed that the new digestives, which were quietly introduced to supermarkets in December, lacked the usual crunch.

Biscuit lovers across the country have also weighed in on the debate and complained that the snack is no longer as tasty.

"Why have you ruined the chocolate digestives????? They were fine as they were!!" one outraged user wrote on the McVities Facebook page.

Another critic insisted that "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

When 30 Which? taste testers tasted the new bickies, 19 insisted that they preferred the original Digestives recipe.

But the company has denied reports that it had 'tweaked' the recipe, claiming that it had only added more chocolate.

"McVitie's have added 3 percent more chocolate, the biscuit part has not been changed at all," a spokesman wrote on Twitter.

"The British public love our biscuits so we have not reformulated the biscuit itself in any way or changed the "eat" of the product.

"We have just added on more chocolate, hence the "now with more chocolate" statement on the pack to communicate this.

"The feedback we've had is that people like it.'

The McVitie's Chocolate Digestive is the number 1 biscuit brand in the UK. It is worth £82.8m retail sales value.