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Santiment claims to be the world's first crypto-market information network, combining sentiment data indicators and a reputation-backed financial content network. To push the idea into reality, the has unveiled its first 'crypto-financial game' aimed at cryptocurrency traders and investors.

The game, currently in Alpha, delivers crowd sentiment insight to crypto traders from aggregated data. The Sentiment Tracker is a social sentiment exchange where traders select an asset and submit whether they are bullish or bearish on it, thereby getting access to the community sentiment. Over time, traders will be able to compare how their instincts fared against the market and the general perceptions of the trading community, said a statement.

Santiment enables participants to measure their personal sentiment against the crypto-trading crowd, and chart historical behaviour relative to the actual trends, illustrating any weaknesses or strengths one has as well as areas of past performance that can be improved on. Examples of strengths include the ability to identify when the market has reached a top and bottom, seeing clearly the crowd's excitement or panic, and how to take advantage of this. The games will record this information, establishing a traders expertise via verifiable game performance. In this way traders will develop an objective reputation, which they can use to market their information and skills to the network.

Maksim Balashevich, CEO and founder of Santiment, said: The history of financial market trading has been characterised by booms and busts, with participants all too often succumbing to the pressures and herd-like mentality of their peers. Santiment provides a historical perspective for traders on how their judgment has fared relative to the market, and what fellow traders in the cryptomarkets currently feel about currencies they wish to invest in.

These are the first sentiment indicators on the Santiment Network. Many more data-feeds, including new crypto-financial games, are planned after the completion of this first game, which is currently an Alpha version, said Balashevich.