Mega Millions
In Cook County, there are now four pending lawsuits filed by employees of a suburban Chicago Heights bakery who claim they were deprived of chances to buy into a pool of lottery tickets that won a grand prize of $118 million. Mega Millions

The Mega Millions lottery hit$640m - a record-shattering prize - and as the numbers are out... how to spend half-a-million dollars is everyone's question!

It does not matter that the projected odds for winning the jackpot is 1:176,000,000! The prize on offer is just too big to not try!

Although, if you were to win, more practical concerns liking clearing credit card debts, loans, paying off mortgages, etc. will naturally take precedence... there will certainly be plenty of cash left over to have some fun with!

What can you do with all that money?

Buy Dream House
A plush pad with all conceivable comforts and luxuries under one roof is always a big dream. With the fortune, you could own one of the most expensive homes in the world!

Own Super Car
Here is some good news - with all that money, you can now afford to buy the world's most expensive car... several times over! Get set for the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports, which comes with a price tag of $2.4m!

Given the amount of money at your disposal, earmarking a certain amount to the poor of the world will certainly do no harm! In fact, it could even boost your social standing and... for the more tax-minded... it gets you a deduction!

The wisest option is to first consult a financial planner and plan on investing it. This includes stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, intellectual property and tangible property. And be cautious of the people approaching you to invest in their business!

Take a World Tour!
It's OK to splurge a little and enjoy yourself. Take your loved ones for a adventurous trip and experience the best of all! You deserve it.

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@nathy_matthews tweeted, "id give half of my winnings to cancer research because they deserve it more than i do :')!!"

"I think I would do a lot of traveling," said @iPinkyyyPromise.

"I'd hire Morgan Freeman to read me bedtime stories every night," tweeted @Just_Shaka.