Since he moved into the White House back in mid-January, Donald Trump has had the place to himself, but all that looks set to change in the coming days.

In an unprecedented move, First Lady Melania Trump opted to remain living at Trump Tower in New York city instead of joining her husband at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Melania had opted to stay behind while the couple's son, Barron, 11, finished his school year.

With the academic year at an end, the pair look set to join the president at the White House on 14 June according to reports from Politico.

Those who surround Donald Trump may be hoping that Melania being close by her husband will help cut back on the tweets which are damaging to the president and the administration.

It was noted that while on his nine-day foreign tour of the Middle East and Europe, Trump generally tweeted less and most of his missives were on-message, this is being partially credited towards Melania.

However, while her presence has been helpful in softening inflammatory tweets, she supports many of his policies. She has publicly backed his controversial travel ban, is a big supporter of Israel, has criticised the media for their coverage of the president, and has even demanded that Barack Obama release his birth certificate during the birther conspiracy.

Many of these comments were made either during the election campaign or long before Trump even entered the presidential race.

Ever since Trump became president, Melania has been a quiet and seemingly distant figure, rarely speaking to the press at public events and making headlines for seemingly batting away her husband's hand while on their foreign tour.

Most first ladys spend time on an initiative of some kind. Michelle Obama was a major advocate of healthy living, while Melania has indicated that she wants to focus on cyberbullying.