Donald Trump Melania Holy Sepulchre
The Presidential party were accompanied by a large security detail STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump is hoping for a smooth visit to Israel after his first foreign trip as president to Saudi Arabia.

But after touching down in Tel Aviv, Twitter users spotted that as Mr and Mrs Trump were walking down the red carpet accompanied by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Trump tried to hold his wife's hand – only to be swatted away.

It isn't known whether Melania intentionally pushed away his hand, or if it was a miscommunication between the couple.

During Trump's inauguration on 20 January, media outlets commented on a smiling First Lady who – when her husband turned to speak to her – failed to suppress distasteful frowns. A month later, reports said Melania was "miserable" in her new role as Flotus.

Trump is in the middle of an eight-day trip across the the Middle East and Europe, and it's the first time he has left the US as president.

As Air Force One touched down in Tel Aviv, several people were injured in the city when a car, in what was reported as an accident, rammed into a busy crowd.

Later in the day, Trump visited the Western Wall, the first time a US president has done so.