MetaQuotes Software Corp, key developer of trading platforms for financial markets, has released a new version of its MetaTrader 4 Android mobile terminal for those on the go. In addition to allowing trades to be made, the application analyses securities quotes using 30 technical indicators.

MetaTrader 4 Android is designed specifically for mobile trading via smartphones and tablet PCs powered by the Android operating system. The application works with more than 450 Forex brokers (more than 720 trade servers) using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

MetaQuotes Software Corp. has invested in mobile trading and releases new applications in a timely way. The company offers traders the mobile terminals for iOS and Android OS powered devices.

These mobile applications are regularly upgraded with improvements and additional features, which the technical indicators in MetaTrader 4 Android prove once again. Traders now have a fully-featured mobile terminal that allows them to analyse data before making purchases, or choosing to hold off on them for a while.

Looking to the future, support for Push-notifications will be implemented in the next version of MetaTrader 4 Android. With them, traders will be able to send trading signals to their devices through the website or via their own trading robots. This feature has already been implemented on the MetaQuotes' mobile platforms for iOS powered devices.

In addition to further refining its mobile applications, the company is reviewing the possibilities that the development of mobile terminals has opened up. Surveys will be commissioned to establish traders' needs in the field of mobile technology, along with preferred platforms and required features.

Gaies Chreis, chief operating officer of MetaQuotes Software Corp, said: "We have made several mobile terminals for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. Now we would like to know traders' opinions: what do they think about these applications, what new features would they like to see in them and what mobile operating systems must be supported?"

The company anticipates that mobile trading will continue to increase, with some traders becoming totally reliant on their mobile devices in the near future. In support of this trend, MetaQuotes Software Corp. supplies traders with its mobile applications for free and MetaTrader 4 Android can be downloaded at Google Play.