After the Methodist Church allowed Methodist ministers to conduct same-sex marriages, Reverend David Hull expressed his displeasure over the decision. As chairperson of the Methodists Evangelicals Together group, he claimed that God's plan only allowed marriage between a man and a woman. Students, staff and parents did not support Hull's homophobic views. Hull was forced to resign months after his words received widespread attention.

Rev. Hull got into trouble in July, while he was talking to a Christian newsgroup about the Methodist Church's decision to support same-sex marriage. While sharing his disapproval, he spoke about what he saw as "God's plan."

The newsgroup, Premier, shared both the positive and the negative reactions of Methodist Christians. Hull gave a statement that he was "saddened" by the church's intent to support same-sex marriage. He claimed that marriage between a man and a woman was "God's plan for creation." Alternatively, people can stay "single and celibate," indicating that people belonging to the LGBT community should remain alone and must not engage in sexual intercourse.

john Mason
Hull believes God's plan for creation only allows men and women to marry, same-sex marriage is not a part of God's plan. Getty Images

The reverend even "urged the church to remain faithful" by reversing the decision to allow ministers to conduct same-sex marriages. He even urged more Methodist Christians to force the church to go back on the landmark decision.

Hull's statements caused tension at Kingswood School. The views of the chaplain of the United Kingdom's top Methodist school are not in line with the progressive stance the church has taken. The homophobic views did not seem to resonate with the other stakeholders at the school.

The Guardian pointed out that Hull blamed "unhelpful tensions" in the school community for his resignation. Even though the backlash from his comments forced Hull out of his position at the school, he seemed remorseless. Hull did not take back his homophobic comments. He claimed his views were "in line with the current position of the church." His letter to the parents and staff body created a narrative where he magnanimously stepped down instead of being asked to do so by the school.

The same letter contained a message from the school's headmaster, Simon Morris. He thanked Hull for his service and hoped that the rest of the school community would join him in wishing Hull well.