Missing Malaysia Airline MH370
Conspiracy theories: A Russian newspaper has claimed MH370 has been hijacked and flown to Afghanistan Reuters

As the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane continues in the southern Indian Ocean, speculation on its whereabouts become increasingly wild.

The aircraft disappeared on 8 March and despite the extensive search effort, no definite wreckage has been recovered.

Flight MH370 went missing with 239 people on board en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Malaysian officials believe, based on satellite data, that the plane crashed thousands of kilometres off course, in seas west of the Australian city of Perth.

From an Afghan hijacking to suspicious lyrics in pop songs, theories surrounding the mystery of Malaysia Airlines MH370 have been multiplying.

Pitbull and Shakira's Get It Started

According to some YouTube commenters, the lyrics in Pitbull and Shakira's 2012 hit Get It Started are suspiciously close to some of the facts surrounding the Malaysia plane. The lines include: "Now it's off to Malaysia" and "Two passports, three cities, two countries".

Conspirators have said the lines are related to the stolen Austrian Italian passports used by two Iranians to board the missing aircraft, while the three cities refer to the Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Hanoi. The two countries in the song, according to the commenters, refer to Malaysia and Vietnam.

One commenter wrote: "This song is related to the mh370 incident.. OMG!!!"

Afghanistan hijacking

A Russian newspaper claimed that MH370 has been hijacked and flown to Afghanistan, where the passengers and crew are being held captive.

According to the Moskovsky Komsolets newspaper: "The missing Malaysian airlines flight MH370 may have been deliberately flown under the radar to Taliban-controlled bases on the border of Afghanistan, it has emerged, as authorities said that the final message sent from the cockpit came after one of the jet's communications systems had already been switched off."

The Islamic militant group, Pakistan Taliban, however, previously denied its involvement in hijacking the plane.

US military conspiracy

The United States have been forced to deny claims that the plane landed at a military base on the island of Diego Garcia, in the central Indian Ocean.

Rumours arose that the missing plane had headed for the coral atoll, which is part of the British Indian Ocean Territory.

A spokesperson for US embassy in Malaysia told the New Straits Times: "These reports are completely false. MH370 did not land in Diego Garcia. This is a baseless conspiracy theory."

Illuminati & Edward Snowden

Jacob Rothschild, an alleged illuminati member, is said to have exploited the aircraft to gain full patent rights of an incredible KL-03 micro-chip. Freescale Semiconductor, who shared its rights with Rothschild, had twenty senior members on board who had just launched a new electronic warfare gadget for military radar system's the day before the plane went missing.

The Semiconductor company develops microprocessors, sensors, and other technology including stand-alone semiconductors that perform dedicated computing functions.

In addition, Reddit user Dark_Spectre theorised that Chinese or American authorities may have kidnapped the plane to gain access to the employees of Texas-based firm Freescale Semiconductor, who were believed to be aboard.

He also claimed there was an Edward Snowden connection because of the people he insisted were among the passengers.

The user wrote: "So we have the American IBM Technical Storage Executive for Malaysia, a man working in mass storage aggregation for the company implicated by the Snowden papers for providing their services to assist the National Security Agency in surveilling [sic] the Chinese.. and now this bunch of US chip guys working for a global leader in embedded processing solutions (embedded smart phone tech and defence contracting) all together..on a plane..And disappeared.. Coincidence??"


Alien abduction has been cited by many as the explanation for the missing plane, particularly on Twitter.

One user wrote: "After an extensive conversation with my father & his partner, we have come to the conclusion that the only explanation is #aliens mh370."

Someone even created this helpful YouTube video to explain how the abduction took place: