A part-albino crocodile devoured a man who stepped into a river, as his wife looked on in horror.

The crocodile, named 'Michael Jackson' for its skin condition which left his head white, was shot following the attack on the unnamed fisherman.

It happened when the man's fishing line got caught in the water, during an outing at the Adelaide River in the Northern Territory of Australia.

He waded in to the waters and was snatched by the crocodile. His wife ran for help, but it was too late. The fisherman's remains were recovered later the same day.

Wildlife rangers tracked down and shot the saltwater crocodile, which measured 4.5m in length.

Crocodiles are common in the Adelaide River and their numbers have increased since the species was added to the list of endangered animals.

Before he attacked the man, Michael Jackson had been tempted to perform tricks for tourists on the Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise, such as leaping from the water to grab dangling chickens.

Watch the video for a close encounter with Michael Jackson.