Former England international Michael Owen has finally spoken up about speculations that he may make a highly-anticipated cameo in reality TV show "Love Island." The ex-Liverpool man's daughter, Gemma Owen, is part of the show, and she may last a few weeks longer into the "Meet the Parents" stage of the programme.

However, Owen says that he would much rather stay in England than jet off to Mallorca to reunite with his daughter in the "Love Island" villa. Instead, his wife Louise will be the one to head down to Spain to meet their daughter's love interest.

Currently, Gemma is cozying up with fellow participant Luca Bish. Fans of the former footballer had been hoping Gemma would reach the "Meet the Parents" episode, which has been one of the most anticipated segments in previous seasons.

Normally, this episode is filmed closer towards the end, when there are fewer contestants left and the relationships are more established. 19-year-old Gemma, however, will only be introducing her mum to Luca if they stay together until then.

Owen broke the news in an interview with Sky Sports, during a horse racing event that features some of his own horses. "My wife will do that duty. I'll represent the horses and she'll represent the daughter," he said, adding that he is confident about what Gemma is doing in the villa. "I've fathered her for 19 years so I'm pretty sure what I'm going to get from her."

The former Real Madrid player now works as a football pundit as well, but the off-season provides a great opportunity for him to go see his daughter. Anything can still happen from now until the end of the month, when the episode is expected to be filmed. Many are still hoping that Owen will change his mind.

He previously revealed that he barely watches the show, and he feels anxious about what might happen. His wife updates him regularly, and he is said to be keen for it all to be over. Regardless, he still thinks Gemma is "sensible" and will continue to make him proud.

Michael Owen
Michael Owen joined Manchester United as a free agent in 2009, before leaving Old Trafford in 2012 Getty