After years of making bold claims that its platform is superior to Microsoft's, Apple finally introduced a huge upgrade for its iPad Pro lineup. The new operating system will feature comprehensive support for mice, and the new Magic Keyboard case now sports a trackpad. It is evident that this was inspired by the versatility offered by the Surface series. With a mid-cycle hardware refresh expected soon, details about the Surface Go 2 reveal several interesting changes.

Last week, new information about the Surface Book 3 was made available online. Aside from the usual component updates, benchmark test results hinted that there will be an AMD-powered version of the 2-in-1 device. Meanwhile, a report published by Forbes discusses a new leak about the second-generation Surface Go.

Microsoft is speculated to release the Surface Go 2 around May alongside several other new products. The upcoming compact detachable is supposedly available in two configurations. The specifications were allegedly exposed by web-based benchmarking site 3DMark. The first is an Intel Pentium 4425Y, while the other is an Intel Core M3-8100Y.

Many might complain these are not substantial upgrade, but the Surface Go series was never meant to compete with its Pro siblings. It is marketed as a capable Windows-based tablet that can handle basic productivity and light computing tasks. However, sources point out that the most significant changes will benefit those who use the machine for enterprises.

Despite its entry-level specifications, it is a reliable platform for businesses. Nevertheless, one caveat that made its predecessor difficult at times was how problematic it was to repair without the need to send it back to an official service centre. It is rumoured that the Surface Go 2 might have some modular components. With this in place, a company's IT department can quickly troubleshoot and even fix some user-serviceable parts.

Surface Laptop, new Surface Pro now available
Surface Laptop and new Surface Pro now available Microsoft

Aside from the Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2, Microsoft is slated to release two of its highly anticipated products. The Surface Neo and Surface Duo are both expected to launch in 2020. Although there was no specific date given, it is possible that all of the aforementioned devices will be released together.