Rodrigo Duterte wants the European Parliament to take its nose out of Philippines politics and has once again lashed out at the EU for criticising the country's war on drugs and efforts by the Congress to reinstate the death penalty.

"Do not impose your culture or your belief in what would be a government in this planet," the president said during a speech on 19 March, as reported by The Rappler. "Why don't you mind your own business? Why do you have to f**k with us, goddamn it," said Duterte, making the statements in English in order to directly address the Union.

President Duterte
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warns the EU not to interfere in its drug war REUTERS/Erik De Castro

The president has been pushing to reinstate the death penalty across the country, a move criticised by various international bodies including the UN. Two United Nations special rapporteurs warned that making capital punishment legal again "will set the Philippines starkly against the global trend towards abolition and would entail a violation of the country's obligations under international law".

Responding to the remarks, Duterte explained that the death penalty was a "favourite" prior to being abolished. "Do not impose on other countries, especially us. This, before, was the favourite of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries because there's a death penalty in Indonesia, Malaysia and I'm trying to revive it," he said during his Sunday speech in Myanmar. "As if the other countries of EU there's no more death penalty. There are still a lot."

In truth, of the European countries, only Belarus continues to impose the death penalty.

The European Parliament had also urged the Philippines government to soften its attack on drug users by opening new rehabilitation centres. Duterte, however, mocked the idea, claiming European lawmakers wanted the national government to allow the use of drugs. "This EU Parliament is proposing that we just give drugs to addicts. If they're addicted to shabu, we should give them shabu. If they're addicted to cocaine, we should give them cocaine. They just need to go to the center," he said, according to CNN Philippines.