The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar made it clear that attendees are expected to respect the country's conservative culture. Fans have been advised long before the start of the event that modest attire is expected, and behaviour such as public displays of affection must be avoided.

However, former Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll decided that these rules do not apply to her. The model has been hitting the headlines for strutting around Qatar both in and out of the stadiums wearing extremely revealing clothes. In one of the national team's matches, she was seen inside the stadium wearing only a bra top in patriotic colours paired with body hugging leggings.

Ironically, some Qatari men were spotted grinning while taking photos of the scantily clad Croatian. Photographers and fellow fans also took photos of her without hesitation.

However, even though the locals looked delighted as they were snapping away using their mobile phone cameras, high-profile Qatari businessman Mohammed Hassan Al-Jefairi said that they were not taking photos because they liked what they were seeing.

"Just for your information, they don't take the picture because they like her, but because they don't like the way she is dressed, in a way that is inappropriate for our culture," he said, adding that the men were probably planning on using the photos as evidence to report her to authorities.

Knoll had been wearing a variety of outfits in the red and white chequered theme inspired by the Croatian flag. Apart from the bra top, she has also been seen wearing a body suit that resembles a one-piece swimsuit. She wore this out in public without any shorts or trousers to cover up her legs. All of her outfits also reveal an ample amount of cleavage.

Meanwhile, even though the Qatari men's actions also raised eyebrows, a significant number of people, including Croatians themselves, have been slamming Knoll for her defiance. Even though there has been outrage about the strict laws in the host country, many still feel that she has gone too far in blatantly disrespecting the local culture.

Luka Modric
Luka Modric's Croatia have qualified for the last 16 at the World Cup in Qatar AFP / GABRIEL BOUYS