The search for Caitlin Wright was launched on Sunday, December 29, after her family reported her suspicious disappearance. After an appeal for information, friends of the teenager informed her parents that she had run away with a boy she met over Snapchat. Her mother, Claire Knight, claims that she spoke to the boy Wright supposedly ran away with. He admitted that he knew where she was, and she was later found safe.

On Sunday, around 11:30 am, Wright had gone shopping with her family at Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffs. Wright was last seen outside a Primark from where she went missing. Her mother noted that the girl took out £30 of her Christmas money from her account.

Derbyshire Police immediately launched a search for the missing teen. It is suspected that Wright took a train to Birmingham for her planned disappearance during the family outing. However, CCTV footage from the train station was not accessible due to some technical difficulties. Eventually, one of Wright's friends shared the information that she had planned to run away with a boy she met online.

Winsford railway station
Missing teen supposedly took train to Birmingham to run away with a boy she met online. Rept0n1x via Wikipedia

The Sun reported that Knight found out the boy's name and was able to contact him. Knight stated that she spoke to the teenage boy and got the confirmation that Wright was in Birmingham. The boy refused to tell the distraught mother if he had met the girl or not.

Derbyshire Police tweeted the case update, stating that Wright had been found safe in Birmingham. It remains unknown where she had been found by authorities or if she is the company of any other individual.

Even though the police have assured that the girl has been found safe, Knight's anxiety over her daughter's whereabouts had not ended. Knight stated that they were unsure if she was with someone or if she was alone. She also showed concern over the fact that Wright might be held in Birmingham against her will.

The worried mother is waiting to be reunited with her daughter. Knight said that her daughter had never done something like this. All that the family is looking forward to is for Wright to return home safe and well.