As New York Fashion Week gets under way, one budding designer will launch a unique business venture that could change the face of fashion.

American designer Nailah Lymus, whose work has appeared in a number of runway shows, hopes to bridge the gap between fashion and female modesty with a modelling agency for Muslim women in the heart of New York.

The agency, fittingly named Underwraps, will represent beautiful Muslims without forcing them to compromise Islamic customs on modesty in dress.

Lymus, 27, told the website Fashionista: "[Muslim models] come from a background where they dress Islamically appropriately but to be in this industry and to be a model you have to forfeit that.

"That's why I wanted to start this agency - so you don't have to do that, you don't have to lose who you are to be in this business."

The American-born Muslim realises the scale of the challenge she faces in the highly-pressured fashion industry but is prepared.

After years in the industry, she had her own collection, Amirah Creations, showcased at September's New York Fashion Week.