Momentum, the pro-Jeremy Corbyn pressure group formed out of the left-winger's successful leadership campaign in 2015, is planning to teach thousands of Labour members across the UK how to make viral videos.

The initiative is part of Momentum's new training network, which will be rolled-out to 160 marginal constituencies over the next year. The workshops will also offer persuasive canvassing technique and how to generate local press coverage.

The network, which will specifically focus newly marginal seats such as Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency, will launch in London on 12 August, in Manchester on 19 August, and in Birmingham on 2 September.

"This election showed what a groundswell of ordinary people, knocking on doors and campaigning for the Labour Party can do," said Beth Foster-Ogg, Momentum's training coordinator.

"Now we want to skill up the hundreds of thousands of new Labour Party members so they can be better, more effective campaigners when the next election comes, and so they can campaign and organise in their communities outside of election time."

The announcement comes more than a month after IBTimes UK revealed that Momentum's membership had jumped from 22,000 to 27,000 after the general election, which saw Labour beat expectations and win 30 extra seats under Jeremy Corbyn.

The group, founded by former Tony Benn aide Jon Lansman, used social media-savvy techniques to engage with hundreds of thousands of mostly young people ahead of the 8 June vote.

Momentum also claimed to have reached 30% of UK Facebook users with viral videos. One video, "Daddy, why do you hate me?", has been viewed more than 7.6 million times on the social media site. Elsewhere, they used messaging-app WhatsApp to reach 400,000 potential voters on polling day.