It seems humans have a lot to learn from their ancestors. A thirsty monkey that opened a public tap placed outside a temple, drank the water, and turned off the tap before leaving is earning praise by the tonne online.

According to the reports, the monkey was spotted in the holy city of Vrindavan, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The video of the monkey turning off the tap after drinking quenching his thirst went viral on social media and someone even commented on Facebook saying, "If a monkey can save water, why can't we save water?" The incident happened on July 30.

What a beautiful message for humans!

— Dr. S.Y. Quraishi (@DrSYQuraishi) August 1, 2019

Large parts of India has been facing an acute shortage of water since 2015. This year the southern port city of Chennai reported a major water crisis. So it was no wonder the video quickly garnered attention and hearts.

The Times of India has reported that Vrindavan has a large population of monkeys, who often are a major source of nuisance to the crowds of pilgrims who flock to the city. Attacks on humans are also common. So a monkey's thoughtful act has garnered special attention.

This monkey's act is a reminder to humans on the need to save resources and use them judiciously.

Angry monkey
Conflicts of interests are good for macaques as it helps them making more informed decisions. A. J. Haverkamp