Two people in Montana have been charged with double homicide after two bodies were found stabbed to death and stored inside plastic containers filled with chemicals. Tiffanie Pierce, 23, and Augustus Standingrock, 26, were arrested last week and appeared in court on Monday 21 August.

They were both charged with deliberate homicide and accountability to deliberate homicide over the deaths of a man and a woman on 1 August. The bodies of the pair were found in a basement in a Missoula home.

Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst told Justice of the Peace Marie Andersen that "there's no combination of [release conditions] that would ensure that members of our community would be safe."

The pair didn't enter pleas and their bail was set at $2m.

Police were made aware of the incident when Pierce's roommate was woken by a woman's screams and he found the pair washing blood off themselves. When Pierce saw him, she said that there was a dead body in the basement.

She reportedly told the roommate that Standingrock had brought two people over and took them to the basement and attacked one of them. When the other tried to escape, Pierce attacked them.

The roommate left the house after being told about the body. He informed investigators that Pierce showed up at work later in the week and told him she "killed a couple people last night".

According to KRTV, police found that Pierce had purchased the chemicals, containers and cleaning supplies that were later discovered at the crime scene, along with a bloody axe and knives. Pierce is also under investigation for a stabbing that took place in late-July.