Goldfish George brain tumour operation
The goldfish George underwent a 55-minute-long operation to remove a life threatening tumour Lort Smith Animal Hospital/Reuters

A pet owner spent £200 on an operation to remove cancer tumours from his beloved goldfish.

Monty the fish had multiple tumours behind its left eye and along its back, which were removed by vets from Highcroft Vets and Bristol Zoo.

The fish was placed in a water soluble anaesthetic while the 45-minute operation took place. The little fella had his eye removed and he is now back home recovering.

"He was a brilliant patient and the surgery went very smoothly from start to finish," Sonya Miles, exotics veterinary surgeon from Highcroft, told the Bristol Post. "His owners are extremely dedicated and they paid to make sure he had a better quality of life.

"We don't perform surgery on goldfish very often but we are seeing a definite increase in veterinary treatment in fish generally."

Last year a goldfish in Australia had a tumour removed from its brain. Vets said the life-saving operation added another 20 more years to its life.

Monty must be the luckiest gold fish in HISTORY!! ? #AllLivesMatter

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