If you've ever dreamed of having the butter-smooth tones of Morgan Freeman keep you company on that late night drive home, you're in luck: Waze has now added him as a vocal on its sat nav app, meaning you can now be guided to your destination by one of the most iconic voices in film history.

Freeman has leant his voice to Waze as part of a promotional campaign for upcoming film London has Fallen, sequel to 2013 action thriller Olympus has Fallen, in which the actor stars as the vice president of the United States. The films opens in UK cinemas on 3 March.

Freeman joins a roster of celebrities starting to lend their voice to sat nav services, joining names like John Cleese, Brian Blessed, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Star Wars' C3PO. However, Waze said said Morgan Freeman was "far and away one of the most requested voices" by users.

After downloading Waze, users can activate Freeman's voice by going to Settings > Sound > Voice Language > Morgan Freeman.