Former Smiths lead singer Morrissey has cancelled his US tour dates because of ill health

Heaven knows he's miserable now. Former Smiths lead singer Morrissey has cancelled the rest of his US tour dates because of ill health.

He has been plagued by a number of health problems in recent months, including a bleeding ulcer and double pneumonia.

With characteristic aplomb, a posting by Morrissey on the fan website True To You said: "Even death can be used as a springboard. For those scholars who are heatedly curious, my ulcer is now under reins, even if neither asleep nor dead, but the continued cause for concern is a slightly embarrassing absence of blood - most of which the bleeding ulcer relieved me of.

"Anemia (sic) sets its own terms with quite obvious biological conclusions, and I have spent these last weeks under expert medical care in Los Angeles with an almost erotic dependency on various IV drips."

A statement from his US publicist Lauren Papapietro said: "Despite his best efforts to try to continue touring, Morrissey has to take a hiatus and will not be able to continue on the rest of the tour.

"Morrissey thanks all of his fans for their well wishes and thoughts."

Disappointed fans can get refunds for the remaining shows at the point of purchase, according to Sky News.

The tour, which was delayed by his health issues, started earlier this month in Los Angeles, where the singer appeared to be healthy and in strong voice.

The LA concert venue was 100 per cent vegetarian, marking the first time stalls within and around the venue were not selling any meat products.

The singer and animal activist told BBC News: "I don't look upon it as a victory for me, but a victory for the animals."

The venue and promoter Goldenvoice will also donate a portion of the ticket sales to the UK branch of the animal-rights charity Peta.

The former Smiths singer had urged the venue to close down their meat outlets and to stop the sale of "flesh as food".

Morrissey's 2012-13 US tour has been beset with problems from the start.

In October, the singer postponed 26 shows so that he could fly home to England and see his sick mother.

The indie rock icon courts controversy with his outspoken views on racism and animal rights. In a Guardian article, he said the treatment of animals in China was "absolutely horrific".

He told interviewer Simon Armitage: "Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific. You can't help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies."